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Real Time PCR


The Taqman ABI 7900 real time PCR machine is operational and available for use by all university researchers. The use of low volume reactions and 384 well plates conserves both reagents and budget. Taqman Low Density Arrays (TLDA) can also be run on the 7900.  In addition, our machine is equipped with an autoloading robot allowing 24 hour use of the machine. Real time PCR is one of the most sensitive and accurate assays for RNA expression analysis allele discrimination or DNA quantification. At present all users are trained for sample setup and analysis by Functional Genomics Lab staff. Users prepare their samples independently and bring in their PCR plates ready to run. The Primer Express and Sequence Analysis software is available to be used in the Functional Genomics Lab.



For University of Illinois researchers there is a $35.00 fee/plate. This covers only maintenance and service contracts. Please provide an account number when making an appointment to use the machine. Plasticware and reagents required for Real-Time PCR analysis.

7900HT Consumables List
Note that barcoded plates are required for plate identification with the autoloader system.

ABI 384 well plates: 384-Well Clear Optical Reaction Plate (with Barcode, code 128)
Part Number 4309849
50 plates/box : $176.40
ABI 96 well plates: 96-Well Optical Reaction Plates (with Barcode, code 128)
Part Number 4306737
20 plates/box
ABI Snap-On Compression Pads (required for 96 well plates) Part Number 4333292: $315
9 pads/box (reusable)
Optical Adhesive Cover Starter Kit Part Number 4313663: $39.75
20 adhesive covers
1 compression pad
1 Cover Applicator
ABI PRISM Optical Adhesive Covers Part Number: 4311971
100  Covers/box: $121.80
ABI SYBER Green Mastermix Part Number: 4309155
5 ml.: $238.00
USB Flash Drive Flash drive is probably the most convenient method for transferring data with the 7900HT. The machine is not connected to the network for security reasons.

We strongly suggest reading the following technical bulletins published by Applied Biosystems explaining the principles of Real-Time PCR before planning your assays.

For more information contact Dr. Mark Band at the Functional Genomics Lab. Tel: (217)244-3930



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